MOU Antelope Cowboy Ankle Boots

MOU Antelope Cowboy Ankle Boots are a luxurious, eclectic and beautiful option in winter footwear

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Didn’t get what you want this Christmas? Fret not, ladies and gentlemen, because we’re here to give you a rundown of the awesomest stuff you didn’t get. So once you’re done enduring those seemingly endless holiday return lines, take the cash you get back and put it towards the stuff you really want, starting with this insanely stylish pair of boots from MOU.

Unfamiliar with MOU? Here’s a quick rundown. Founded in 2002 by Shelley Tichborne, MOU is a London based brand that creates hand-crafted footwear from the finest natural, ethically sourced material. Fundamentally, they pride themselves on providing warm, durable, sensually soft designs that keep you warm and comfortable, all while keeping a back-to-nature feel and eclectic styling. It’s an ideal that’s been met with tremendous success, as MOU has since become one of the most sought after brands by some of the most well known names around the world, including Sarah Jessica Parker, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz and Emma Watson (all of whom can be seen wearing their MOU boots year round).

In addition to their one of a kind designs and eco-friendly production, MOU boots have two great features that many other boot brands lack: first is the exceptionally generous cushioning in the sole, and second is the supportive heel. Over time, most boots mold to your feet, making your boots seem cool and hollow when you wear them. With MOU boots, however, the cushioning stays in place, which means the boots stay soft and warm on the inside, thus keeping your feet more comfortable and protected from the elements. The supportive heel insert, while something easily overlooked in selecting a new pair of boots, is also a huge design benefit found in MOU boots. It keeps the heel in place and prevents the boot from slouching and stretching like similarly styled boots. By keeping the boots original shape, the soft interior remains against your skin, preventing any cool spots while you’re wearing them. And it works brilliantly.

So which pair of MOU boots should you pick? Honestly, you’re going to be hard pressed to pick just one. They’ve got some incredibly gorgeous and unique options, including Macedonian goatskin, calfskin and sheepskin in numerous shades. But in picking my first pair of MOU’s for my wife, I had to opt for the MOU Antelope Cowboy Boots. They note a stunning palette of honey and white colors, and simply put, note an incredibly exotic, stylish design unlike anything I’ve seen.

Mou Antelope Cowboy Ankle Boots side view

MOU Antelope Cowboy Ankle Boot Details (€355.00)

The Antelope Cowboy Ankle is a one of a kind boot, designed perfectly to take advantage of it’s one of a kind antelope exterior.  As I’ve already noted, the outer portion of the boot is genuine antelope in a gorgeous honey color mixed with white, and believe me when I say your first instinct is that you want to pet them – they’re simply stunning.  The interior is done in a super soft sheepskin lining with an EVA and rubber outsole.  And before you start questioning my affinity for wildlife, it’s important to note that MOU only uses verifiably NSPCA approved, ecologically managed antelope from South Africa.   NSPCA is an organization in Africa that oversees the welfare of the animals that are sourced by MOU, ensuring a future population by promoting the ethical and sustainable raising of animals (instead of poaching).

So what does my wife think of MOU’s Antelope boots?  She absolutely loves them.  Despite possessing a boot collection that includes a huge variety of different styles (tall boots, short boots, rain boots, heeled boots… you get the idea), the MOU Antelope are without question the most exotic.  Whereas many other styles of boots tend to overlap with one another, the MOU’s are instantly recognizable and note a style unlike anything else in her collection.  They’re stylish, extremely elegant, luxurious, and most importantly, incredibly comfortable to wear (as noted by my wife).  They’re one of those fashion elements that when you walk down the street, you’re stopped by random strangers asking who made them and where they can get their own pair.

So if you didn’t get the boots you wanted this Christmas, we’ve got one word for you:  MOU.  Whether it’s their Antelope Cowboy Ankle Boot or any of their other luxurious styles, MOU’s are one of the most stylish, unique boot brands in the world.

You can check out more of the MOU Antelope Cowboy Ankle Boot in the photo gallery below, or head over to the official MOU website for their full lineup of boots and ordering info.

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