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SealLine Urban Waterproof Backpack

Lightweight and rock-solid, SealLine RF-welded Backpacks can go anywhere, anytime with seamless all-weather protection

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A briefcase was once a symbol of professionalism, but times have changed and so has the briefcase. Professionals everywhere are opting instead for the always functional and ever versatile hands-free backpack. Think of all the times you’ve been carrying your briefcase while trying to talk on the phone and take notes at the same time – I’ve tried and failed numerous times – this made my switch to a backpack an easy choice.

The problem is, backpacks come in all different shapes and styles – some of them more functional and better looking than others. One great option, if you commute to work on a bike, by foot or on the train is the SealLine Urban Waterproof Backpack.

SealLine Urban Packs

SealLine Urban Packs

SealLine is known for their waterproof gear used by sea kayakers, surfers, and extreme backpackers to keep the elements out. They’ve taken this knowledge and applied it to their Urban line, creating products that can not only stand up to Mother Nature but can also handle anything and everything you can fit in it.

The Urban Waterproof Backpack earns its name by employing a simple yet extremely effective roll-top closure, and RF-welded PVC-free coated polyester. More simply put, it is extremely durable and can take a brutal beating while still keeping your gear protected. And perhaps the SealLine Backpack’s greatest feature is that it’s easily washable.  The fabric can get muddy or your protein shake can leak on the inside – give it a quick spray and you’re good to go.

So, we’ve covered what makes the Urban Backpack so great in terms of durability and quality, but what about its functionality. If you’re not using the backpack to just carry a change of clothes and shoes, or if you just prefer to keep things organized, there’s an Urban Backpack Organizer that slides into any of the Urban Backpacks and includes a mesh zip pocket, pen slots and large and small pockets for papers or notebooks. There’s also an exterior pocket for quick access to your cell phone which is also weatherproof.

Style wise, I’m personally a fan of the grey, but the Urban Backpack comes in a multitude of colors. You can choose from red, orange, blue or green and depending on your everyday load can choose from small or large. The small weighs in at a mere 1 lb 13 oz and has a 17 liter volume while the larger pack is still lightweight at 2 lbs 1 oz but gives you a far larger volume of 37 liters.

If the fact that the bag is waterproof, can carry everything you need, is lightweight, looks good and can be cleaned in your shower isn’t enough for you, it’s also made here in the USA. You can check out the SealLine Urban Backpacks here, and if you’re not quite ready to make the full switch to a backpack, there’s also the shoulder bag worth checking out as well.

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SealLine Urban Backpack
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