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Nalgene bottles offer a unique blend of value, function and nearly indestructible build quality

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When it comes to gift giving, whether for Christmas or any other holidays/special occasions, I have one very basic rule:  never give away disposable items.  In other words, if you’re debating whether to buy one exceptionally made product vs. multiple lesser made ones, always opt for the exceptionally made one.  Nine times out of 10, not only will the exceptionally made product last longer than all of the cheap products combined, it will also perform significantly better throughout its lifespan.

While it’s a truth that applies to a wide range of products, in my personal experience, there’s no clearer testament to opting for quality over quantity than Nalgene bottles.  As someone that loves sports, I’ve managed to amass a somewhat large collection of cheap drinking bottles in my lifetime, and I’ve hated them all.  They’re made with incredibly cheap plastic, they contain chemicals you shouldn’t be drinking, and they have a tendency to make your drinks taste, shall we say, unpleasant – a truth that gets worse the longer your drink stays in the bottle.  Then there’s the ones that leak, the ones that crack… you get the idea.

After years of using bottles that all ended up in the garbage, I eventually bit the bullet and sought out a quality bottle, settling on a bottle from Nalgene.  It was their 32 Ounce Wide Mouth, a straightforward bottle that appeared as though it solved everything I hated about my cheap bottles.  It was solidly constructed, it looked leakproof, it was BPA free, and it came with a lifetime guarantee (in the event it did break).  In total, I think I paid about $8 for it.  It was a purchase that changed my views of water bottles forever.

Two years later, I’m still using the same bottle, and it performs exactly as it did on day one.  It’s 100% leakproof; there’s absolutely no taste that leeches into your drink, irregardless of how long your drink stays in the bottle; and it’s incredibly tough.  It’s a purchase that forever changed my views of drinking bottles, as I’ve since gotten rid of every other water bottle I own, and replaced them with Nalgene bottles exclusively.

I use them for pretty much everything.  Playing sports, being outdoors, in the car, on my desk while I work – hydration is a key element of your everyday health, and I have a Nalgene bottle with me all day to ensure I drink enough.  The same is true for the rest of my family.  After going through the struggle to find the perfect leak proof cups for my kids, I’ve since replaced all their cups with Nalgene Grip ‘N Gulp bottles.  Whereas I was able to find leakproof bottles that were BPA free, the Nalgene Grip ‘N Gulp are the only ones that don’t add an unpleasant taste to the the drinks inside.  It may not be BPA, but I don’t want any taste or substances leeching into my kids’ drinks, and with the Nalgene, there’s absolutely none.

With Christmas right around the corner, I though I’d share with you some of my (and other eMercedesBenz staffers) favorite picks in the Nalgene lineup, all of which make great stocking stuffers for pretty much anyone you know.  All of these bottles are the ones we use each and every day, and as you’ll see, we have somewhat of a Nalgene addiction, with almost the entire Nalgene lineup represented by someone on our staff.

Here’s a rundown of the Nalgene bottles we love, and why.

Nalgene Wide Mouth in 16 oz., 32 oz., or 48 oz. ($9, $10.20, $10.20)

Nalgene Wide MouthMy personal favorite, and it’s Nalgene’s number one seller.  Available in 16, 32 or 48 ounce sizes, the Wide Mouth is the first Nalgene I purchased, and I’m still using it.   It’s leakproof, it’s BPA free, and it’s guaranteed for life.  As for why it’s my favorite, there’s a couple reasons.  One, I love the loop for the handle.  It may seem inconsequential, but it makes carrying the Wide Mouth a breeze.  If you’re out hiking or playing sports, you easily fill up four bottles, and carry them all with one finger, thanks to the loops.  Plus, you never have to worry about losing the cap.

Another thing I love is the wide mouth design itself.  It easily accommodates ice, water filters fit perfectly, and if you’re really adventurous and need to fill your water up from a stream, the wide design allows you to do so.  It’s just a super rugged, well-designed bottle that’s Nalgene’s best all-around bottle.

Other features include:

  • Our Everyday line is made of Eastman Tritan™ copolyester, and is BPA Free
  • Graduations help keep track of fluid intake, marked with milliliters and ounces for easy measurement
  • Most backpacks have a side pocket designed around the size of the Nalgene Wide Mouth
  • Dishwasher safe (top rack only) – just make sure the cap does not touch the heating element
  • High impact resistance, resistant to staining, won’t retain odors
  • Withstands sub-freezing to boiling temperatures
  • Opening accommodates most water filters
  • Made in USA

You can learn more about the Nalgene Wide Mouth bottles or buy your own at the official Nalgene website.

Nalgene On-The-Go OTG ($10.20)

Nalgene On-The-Go OTGThe Nalgene OTG is a great option to take with you on the go, especially in the car and on your bike.  It’s convenient size fits in most car cup holders and it fits in bike cages.  In addition, the top features a unique flip top design, allowing you to access your drink with one hand.  The one caveat is that the top’s one handed operation means it’s not 100% leakproof.  So while it’s great for everyday use, you don’t want to store it upside down in your backpack.

Construction wise, the Nalgene OTG is built from BPA free Eastman Tritan copolyester, making it indestructible, taste and odor free.  Here’s a full list of the OTG’s features:

  • Holds 24 ounces
  • Weighs 121 grams
  • Sports a sleek, slender profile
  • Allows for easy one handed operation
  • Opens and closes with easy flip-top lid
  • Let’s you enjoy the flavors of your beverage, not your bottle
  • This bottle is made from Eastman Tritan copolyester that is manufactured without Bisphenol A (BPA)
  • This bottle has a recycling code of #7, which means other. It does not contain BPA

You can learn more about the Nalgene OTG bottles or buy your own at the official Nalgene website.

Nalgene On-The-Fly OTF ($12.99)

Nalgene On-The-Fly OTFThe newest bottle from Nalgene, the On-The-Fly offers a new spring loaded top, and pairs it with the same sleek bottle design introduced on the OTG series.  It still fits into most car cup holders and bike cages, but the top is 100% leakproof, no matter how rough things get.  You press a button, and the spring loaded top pops open, easily done with one hand.  It’s a fantastic everyday bottle that you can take with you pretty much anywhere, but the added leakproof ability means you won’t have to worry when you throw it in your pack or forget to keep it upright.

Like the Nalgene OTG, features of the OTF include:

  • 24 ounces capacity
  • 121 gram weight
  • Sports a sleek, slender profile
  • Allows for easy one handed operation
  • Opens and closes with easy press button lid
  • Let’s you enjoy the flavors of your beverage, not your bottle
  • This bottle is made from Eastman Tritan copolyester that is manufactured without Bisphenol A (BPA)
  • This bottle has a recycling code of #7, which means other. It does not contain BPA

You can learn more about the Nalgene OTF bottles or buy your own at the official Nalgene website.

Nalgene MultiDrink ($14.99)

Nalgene MultiDrinkIf you’re the type that prefers drinking from a straw instead of full time gulping, the Nalgene MultiDrink is the perfect choice.  As its name implies, the MultiDrink features two individual ways to enjoy your drinks.  Firstly, a pivoting straw with leak proof lock lets you slowly enjoy your drinks, and in the event you want to get your drink quicker, you can also use the MultiDrinks 28mm loop-top.  And if you purchase the MultiDrink and fall in love with its unique top, the cap fits all of Nalgene’s 63mm cap designs, meaning you can use it on your existing Nalgene bottle collection.

As with the OTG and OTF Nalgene bottles, the MultiDrink fits well in most car cupholders, and like the Wide Mouth, the looped top makes carrying the MultiDrink a breeze.  More features include:

  • Made from a super BPA free durable co-polyester
  • Leakproof 63mm Cap
  • Straw locks into its own “garage” to stay clean
  • Small 28mm cap opens for solving hearty thirsts
  • Dishwasher Safe

You can learn more about the Nalgene MultiDrink bottle or buy your own at the official Nalgene website.

Nalgene Grip ‘n Gulp ($9.25)

Nalgene Grip 'n GulpFor the kids, you won’t find a better bottle than the Nalgene Grip ‘n Gulp.  For starters, it’s spill proof.  As in, it doesn’t leak, at all.  Secondly, it’s ergonomic design makes it easy for your kids to hold the bottle.  Thirdly, the rubber top is incredibly durable, and it makes it comfortable for your kids to drink.  And for parents, the loop on the lid means you can clip it to a stroller, diaper bag or backpack.

Constrution wise, the Grip ‘n Gulp has the same great features found in the rest of the Nalgene lineup.  A Tritan copolyester construction is not only BPA free, it completely eliminates any plastic taste in  your kids drinks.  It resists odor, it resists stains, and it resists residue forming on the inside of the bottles.  It’s also top rack dishwasher safe, meaning cleaning it’s as simple as you can get.  Other features of the Grip ‘n Gulp include:

  • Side indents are easy for tiny hands to grasp
  • Rubberized lid and smooth plastic mouthpiece make drinking comfortable
  • Superior threading on cup and lid is engineered to prevent spills
  • Cup, lid, and removable sipper valve are all top rack dishwasher safe
  • Lid loop can be clipped to backpack, diaper bag, or stroller
  • Twelve-ounce cup is compatible with OTG, ATB, and wide-mouth closures
  • This bottle is manufactured from Eastman Tritan TM copolyester that is manufactured without BPA
  • The recycling code on this product is #7, that means other.

You can learn more about the Nalgene Grip ‘n Gulp bottles or buy your own at the official Nalgene website.

Nalgene ATB in 22 oz., 32 oz. ($7.58, $8.10)

Nalgene All-Terrain Bottle ATBIf you’re looking for a more conventionial bottle for biking or you love playing the mud, the Nalgene ATB is the perfect choice.  A patented hinged cap closure keeps the bottle protected, meaning no matter how dirty things get on the outside, your bottle’s drinking spout always stays clean when it’s time to take a drink.  The 22 0z. size fits perfectly in bike cages and cup holders, and the wide mouth screw top makes it easy to add ice, and the neck configuration works with most major water purifiers and filters.

Other features of the Nalgene ATB include:

  • BPA-free low density Polyethylene (LDPE) construction
  • Flexible, with excellent impact resistance
  • Microwaveable (un-assemble lid from container)
  • Dishwasher safe away from heating element
  • Max. temperature: 80°C/176°F
  • Min. temperature: -100°C/-148°F

You can learn more about the Nalgene ATB bottles or buy your own at the official Nalgene website.

Nalgene Oasis ($8.99)

Nalgene OasisIf you’re feeling nostalgic, the Nalgene Oasis brings a modern Nalgene design to the classic metal canteen.  Built from BPA free Eastman Tritan copolyester, the Oasis is not only impact resistant, it also resists stains and odors incredibly well, and it doesn’t add or retain any tastes.  Best of all, it retains the same classic shape you’ve come to know and love from a classic canteen.  It’s guaranteed leakproof, it notes an easy to drink from 38mm narrow mouth, and it holds 32 oz. to quench the most demanding of thirsts.  Lastly, it’s dishwasher safe.

Here’s the full list of great features found on the Nalgene Oasis:

  • Thirty-two ounces of Hydration in an easy to hold configuration
  • 38mm Narrow Mouth closure, just like our Narrow Mouth bottles
  • Guaranteed Leakproof.
  • Dishwasher safe, but make sure the closure does not touch the heating elemement
  • Made from BPA free Eastman Tritan, an extremely impact-resistant material that does not retain tastes, odors or stains
  • Bottle is 8 ½” high by 4 7/8” x 3 1/8”
  • Lightweight at 130g

You can learn more about the Nalgene Oasis bottle or buy your own at the official Nalgene website.

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