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Electrolux Cooking

Experience culinary bliss with kitchen appliances from Electrolux

by  Alissa Clark  | 


When I began my kitchen remodel, I had no idea what a journey I was about to embark on.  It began at the start of 2013, and in truth, it took nearly a year to totally plan and complete.  First I thought about how I’d use the kitchen.  Then came the  kitchen sketches, revisions and more revisions.  Then came the brand research into what exactly I’d be putting in my kitchen.  But it was all necessary to come up with what I considered to be the perfect layout and functionality for my dream kitchen.

When it came to cooking, the options were nothing short of overwhelming:  should I opt for a full range, and if so, gas or electric?  Or should I consider a cooktop with a separate oven?  I eventually settled on three Electrolux cooking appliances: the 36-inch electric induction cooktop, the combination microwave and oven, and the warming drawer.  There are numerous reasons why I chose these particular cooking tools, so I’ll go through each one and give you my reasons for picking each, starting with the induction cooktop.

Electrolux 36" Induction Cooktop controls

Electrolux 36″ Induction Cooktop controls

Electrolux 36-inch Induction Cooktop

I have to say, when cooking with the Electrolux 36-inch Induction Cooktop, you feel like you’re cooking in the future.  Induction operates entirely differently than other methods of cooking, as it’s the only method that heats the pan without heating the actual cooking surface.  And because of its technology, the Electrolux Induction Cooktop is incredibly efficient – it’s capable of boiling water in 90 seconds, it’s 20 percent more efficient than electric, and it’s 70 percent more efficient than gas.  Temperature control is superb, and the additional features (which I’ll discuss shortly) are simply awesome.

When it came to picking the Electrolux 36-inch cooktop, a huge part of my decision was based on its location in my kitchen.  My kitchen design notes a center island design with seating for three and the cooktop on the island, in close proximity to where my family will be enjoying their meals.  The last thing I wanted was a high powered range directly in front of my young kids while they ate, as this is almost certainly a recipe for disaster.  With the Electrolux Induction Cooktop, I can easily prepare a meal while my young children watch, with virtually no fear they’ll accidentally touch the cooktop and suffer a burn.

Performance wise, I’m in love with induction.   I have complete control over cooking temperatures – I can bring water up to a boil in 90 seconds, and unlike electric cooktops that have a cool down period, I can instantly drop the heat to ensure there’s no boil over.  On the low setting, the cooktop is so precise that I can melt chocolate without a double-boiler, and I’ve never once burned it and had to start over.  Another thing I love is the keep warm setting.  Once your food is ready, simply select this option to keep your food perfectly warm – a much appreciated feature if you’re serving a large number of guests.

As you can tell, functionally, I am beyond pleased with my induction cooktop, as it works exactly as it’s supposed to. But technical aspects aside, the design of the cooktop is equally well thought out and constructed. Because of its thin design, the Electrolux Induction Cooktop can be placed almost anywhere, with plenty of space beneath.  You can even mount it above a single Electrolux oven.  In my case, my island cooktop configuration left plenty of space below for all of my pots and pans, perfectly located for when I need them.  The sleek design of the Electrolux Induction Cooktop also means integrated controls – no more knobs to bump or for your kids to turn, as they’re perfectly hidden directly within the glass surface for a clean design finish.

In a few words, I love my Electrolux Induction Cooktop, and if I were to do it all over, I’d have no hesitancy making the same purchase again.

Electrolux Wall Oven and Microwave Combo 30"

Electrolux Wall Oven and Microwave Combo 30″

Electrolux 30″ Wall Oven and Microwave Combination

For me, picking the oven  was the choice that I struggled the most with.  Should I opt for a double oven, or should I opt for a combination microwave/wall oven?  In the end I settled on the 30″ Electrolux Wall Oven and Microwave Combination, because I didn’t want to give up the space elsewhere in the kitchen for a standalone microwave.  There have been a small number of occasions where I’ve wished for two ovens, but both from an aesthetics standpoint and in every day use, I’m very happy with the streamlined and integrated look of having the oven and microwave together.

Size wise, I can’t say enough about both the microwave and oven.  The oven notes 4.2 cu. ft of cooking space with luxury glide racks, easily big enough to handle the biggest turkey I’ve thrown at it and incredibly accessible thanks to how well the racks glide in and out.  The size of the microwave is equally as impressive, as I’ve yet to come close to placing something in it that doesn’t easily fit.

The true magic of the Electrolux Wall Oven / Microwave, however, comes from its controls. A simple button press activates what Electrolux calls Wave-Touch Controls, presenting you with a host of cooking options for both the microwave and the oven. There are options for just about everything, a few of my favorites include the bread proof option, the perfect turkey option, sensor cook and melt/soften.  From there, the options are abundant.  There’s an option for pizza, beverages, snacks, popcorn, fresh or frozen veggies, auto reheat and defrost options. The Wave-Touch Control options take the guesswork out of baking and microwaving, which means no more having to check back every minute or two to test whether or not your food is adequately heated. And, when you’re done cooking, the controls time out and disappear, leaving behind a perfectly uncluttered design that looks great in your kitchen.

Like the induction cooktop, cooking with the Electrolux 30″ Wall Oven and Microwave Combination feels like you’re cooking in the future, and it’s this host of features that makes culinary perfection even easier to attain.

Electrolux 30" Warmer Drawer inside

Electrolux 30″ Warmer Drawer inside

Electrolux 30″ Warmer Drawer

When I chose to go with the Electrolux Oven and Microwave Combo, I also decided to install the 30″ Electrolux Warmer Drawer below. Because I wanted my microwave and oven higher up, I was left with a space below that I knew I probably wouldn’t use if it didn’t serve a distinct purpose, which made the warmer drawer the perfect functional addition. When I’m entertaining and have several dishes to prepare, it’s really the perfect location, as I move the dishes from the microwave or the oven straight to the warmer drawer without having to walk anywhere. The food stays warm, and I’m assured that when I’m ready to serve dinner, the food is warm and ready as well.

Like the microwave and oven above it, however, the drawer doesn’t take a one size fits all approach – it too is a smart and versatile cooking companion. The controls (also hidden behind the drawer) allow you to set the precise temperature you want your food served at, and there’s also a humidity control that prevents your food from drying out.  For bakers, the humidity control also makes the warming drawer a great option for proofing bread.  Design wise, the Warmer Drawer is designed to compliment the rest of the Electrolux range of ovens, so regardless of which oven you choose, the kitchen maintains a sleek and coherent design.

Electrolux Cooking Conclusion

These were my choices in the kitchen, and hopefully they’ve helped you better plan yours.  Beautifully designed, functional, and technologically marvelous – I can’t say enough great things about my Electrolux lineup of cooking tools.  As someone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen, these three cooking tools have brought me what can only be described as culinary bliss.

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Electrolux 36″ Induction Cooktop
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