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Electrolux Beverage Center

The Electrolux Beverage Center is perfect for not only wine and your favorite drinks, but also serving platters and appetizers

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A little over a year ago when it came time to redesign his kitchen, my fellow writer Marcus opted for a suite of appliances from the Electrolux Icon line.  So when it came time for me to start shopping for a range of appliances to go in the new house I’m building, Marcus was my go to source for appliance info.  A year later, he’s still in love with his appliances, and he wholeheartedly recommended the Electrolux brand to me.

Not wanting to directly steal his style, I opted for the standard Electrolux line, a range of appliances that still offer a commercial stainless steel styling, incredible functionality and a great value for the money.

In the coming weeks I’m going to be detailing a number of appliances from Electrolux, and today I’m kicking things off with the Electrolux Beverage Center – a beautiful under-counter refrigeration unit that brings the style of a dedicated wine cooler with more functionality.

First things first:  don’t let its title deceive you.  While the Electrolux Beverage Center is a beverage center, it can also serve double duty as a hybrid refrigeration unit, storing both your favorite beverages as well as appetizers, serving trays, or anything else you desire.  In many ways, it’s the perfect hosting refrigerator, because not only does it look great, it stores everything you need for basic entertaining, and it does so with ease.  And because of it’s convenient 24-inch under-counter design, if you have (or are planning to have) an integrated bar or drink area, the beverage center fits the bill perfectly as a great looking refrigeration unit.

Electrolux Beverage Center Luxury Glide Shelves

Electrolux Beverage Center Luxury Glide Shelves

Functionally, the Electrolux Beverage Center has everything you could want in a fridge.  There’s a Perfect Set digital temperature control, allowing simple temperature settings anywhere from 35 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit.  There are three Luxury-Light LED display options – off, low and high – which not only making finding a drink easy in low light, it also looks great and serves as a design focal point in your kitchen.  And what may be the best functionality feature:  the top two shelves both boast Luxury-Glide functionality, allowing you to fully extend each for easy access to your favorite drink or food without the need to shuffle items around.

Efficiency wise, the Electrolux Beverage Center is great as well, consuming 426 kWH annually at a cost of $45.  If you’re going on vacation or don’t plan on using the Beverage Center for an extended period of time, there’s also a Vacation Mode setting, which is easily accessible via the top electronic control panel.

Electrolux Beverage Center Design Elements

Electrolux Beverage Center Design Elements

And lastly, there’s the design.  I’m a huge fan of the Electrolux lineup’s design, which is probably unsurprising, considering I’ve already told you that I’ve purchased them.  But in the kitchen, the Electrolux Beverage Center looks absolutely phenomenal, mixing a commercial look with a luxurious refinement along with stunning LED lighting.  It’s industrial and cool, but there’s an elegance that makes it perfect for a variety of settings.  And because its stainless steel, it’s super simple to keep clean.  A quick spray with stainless steel cleaner and a wipe, and it looks like new.

Ultimately, I love the the Electrolux Beverage Center, and as I’ll be detailing in the coming weeks, I love my entire lineup of Electrolux products.  You can learn more about the beverage center at the official Electrolux website, or check out photos and details of my Electrolux Beverage Center in the photo gallery below.

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Electrolux Beverage Center Overview

01. Electrolux Beverage Center Overview

Despite its name, don’t think of the Electrolux Beverage Center as a beverage center – think of it is a gorgeous refrigerated display case for the food and drinks you want to highlight.

Having a party? Keep the beer and soda up top; your cheese tray and appetizers on the center, and your favorite wines on the lower integrated wine rack.

While the Electrolux Beverage Center excels at being a beverage center, it can also be much more if you need it to be. Click through our slideshow to see some of the things we love most about the Electrolux Beverage Center.

Electrolux, $1,899

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