New Mercedes-Benz Viano Van Offers Comfort and Efficiency

New suspension melds ride comfort, driving enjoyment and active safety, BlueEFFICIENCY drive system is clean and economical

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The new generation of Mercedes-Benz Viano raises the benchmark for comfort, material quality and efficiency in large-capacity vehicles to a whole new level. The improved interior of both cockpit and passenger compartment sets new standards, as does an efficient new drive system. The vehicle’s unique BlueEFFICIENCY technology, which comes as standard, ensures maximum fuel economy and minimum environmental impact. The new suspension offers comfort in conjunction with driving enjoyment and active safety, while the fresh styling of the Viano takes cues from the current Mercedes-Benz passenger car range to give the Viano a character all of its own.

Interior: comfort and operating convenience better than ever

New interior trim materials improve the look of the Viano significantly and improve its inherent functionality still further. A key feature of a new lighting concept for the passenger compartment is the impressive ambient lighting system. This comprises individual LED reading lamps as well as fibre optic units, while the whole system can be dimmed. New optional extras such as the Rear Seat Entertainment system enhance passenger travel comfort. Both driver and passengers ride in style on seats with redesigned upholstery. The upgrading of the cockpit ranges from new control buttons to a four-spoke multi-function steering wheel. All vehicle occupants benefit from significantly reduced noise levels.

New suspension melds ride comfort, driving enjoyment and active safety

At the heart of the new suspension is a combination of ride comfort, driving enjoyment and active safety that takes the handling safety as well as the comfort of the vehicle to hitherto unknown levels. Both front and rear axles have been revised in every detail and specially tuned to match each specific model. As a result the Viano’s handling is precise, predictable and safe, while it also delivers excellent performance in terms of comfort, ride and noise.

Drive system: extremely clean and economical BlueEFFICIENCY technology

Exceptional efficiency, delivering low emissions and fuel consumption, is key to the new drive system. In all versions, the Viano meets EU 5 emission standards. CO2 emissions and fuel consumption could be reduced by up to 15 percent compared with the previous models, giving record figures.

In conjunction with the sophisticated engineering of the current generation of four and six-cylinder Mercedes-Benz engines, this is achieved through the BlueEFFICIENCY technology that comes as standard on the Viano. This encompasses on-demand activation of major assemblies, an ECO start/stop system and optimised low-resistance tyres. The new six-speed transmission, standard in combination with all four-cylinder diesel engines, also helps reduce emissions and fuel consumption. Its broad gear ratio spread allows excellent traction at low speeds, while at higher speeds revs and thus fuel consumption are reduced.

The smooth-running four and six-cylinder diesel and petrol engines in the Viano range in output from 100 kW (126 hp) to 190 kW (258 hp).

New look emphasises independent character

Externally, the new generation Mercedes-Benz Viano is differentiated from previous models by a new, distinctive headlamp design reminiscent of the current Mercedes-Benz passenger car range and by a redesigned rear end. This gives the Mercedes-Benz Viano a more independent character than ever before.

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