Spy Photos Show Interior of New Mercedes AMG GT

Mercedes AMG GT Spy Photos emerge showing uncovered interior and partial exterior

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Whether you want to call it the Mercedes AMG GT, the SLC, Baby SLS, etc. one thing is certain, the new Mercedes AMG is going to be an amazing and powerful car.  Confirmed for launch this year, the new model will feature everything you’d expect in an AMG and more.

From the latest interior spy photos captured by Auto Zeitung, you can easily see the shift paddles behind the steering wheel as well as the speedometer that tops out at 220 mph.  There are also a plethora of buttons to choose your desired driving mode as well as an electronic parking brake button, climate controls and start/stop engine buttons.

Also seen in the photos are four centralized air vents and a free-standing touchscreen display (not to be used when testing out the car’s sprint time)

Stay tuned as the official premiere creeps closer and more information and photos are revealed.  For now, head down to the photo gallery for a look at the new AMG GT.

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Mercedes GT AMG
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