Mercedes-Benz SL Becomes First Tuner in Abflug Platinum Series

The concept was based purely on the unique sensitivity to form that says "There should be a car like this.

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Abflug’s premium brand, the “GALLANT ABFLUG”, selected Mercedes-Benz as their primary OEM brand to tune in 2013. The Mercedes SL-Class is the first model of the “Platinum Series” developed as the flagship of the GALLANT ABFLUG line.

Abflug specializes in unique and original designs that are not beholden to the lineage of Mercedes. There was no preconceived notion of using Mercedes design themes as the base. The result is a completely unique look.

The concept was based purely on the unique sensitivity to form that says “There should be a car like this.”

This is meant as an extreme car. The concept is “ALL or NOTHING.”

Insisting on the thought that “It’s meaningless to go half way” Abflug resolves to build “the car that makes your heart race, simply by existing.”

Exterior system

  • GALLANT ABFLUG Platinum Aero kit name
  • Front Bumper
  • Cooling Hood
  • Front Over Fender
  • Side Skirt
  • Door Panel
  • Rear Bumper
  • Rear Over Fender
  • Rear Diffuser
  • Rear Upper Spoiler


  • Sheet STOCK
  • Steering STOCK
  • Instrument panel STOCK
  • Floor mat STOCK
  • Audio STOCK
  • STOCK car navigation system

Engine system

  • Model 272
  • Engine Capacity 3497 cc
  • 316 ps / 6500rpm output
  • Torque 36.7 kw / 4900rpm


  • Suspension Abflug European Taste
  • Shock Abflug European Taste
  • Spring Abflug European Taste
  • Brake DIXCEL

Abflug Prism III wheels

  • Size (F) 9.0J × 20 -1
  • Size (R) 11.0J × 20 -20


  • Size (F) 255/30R20
  • Size (R) 305/25R20
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Mercedes-Benz SL Abflug Platinum Series
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