Mercedes E63 AMG Vs. Jaguar XFR-S

See who wins when the Jaguar XFR-S is pitted against the Mercedes E63 AMG

by  Jim Davis  | 


With 542bhp, the Jaguar XFR-S finally has the firepower to go directly up against the German elite. Steve Sutcliffe from AutoCar puts the Jaguar to the test by putting it up against the powerful, agile and extremely comfortable Mercedes E63 AMG in what should be ultimate supersaloon battle.

Watch the video below to see just how the Jaguar XFR-S faired against the E63 AMG. Don’t have time to watch, skip below the video for the spoiler.

Spoiler: Without question, the Mercedes E63 AMG is the winner in this battle, it’s less expensive, handles better and is all around a better driving car.  The XFR-S is a great step for Jaguar but Mercedes has set the benchmark too high.

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