What Kind of Car Makes You Most Attractive to the Opposite Sex

Attractive men tend to drive black Ford pickup trucks and attractive women drive red BMW sports cars

by  Jim Davis  | 


According to a new survey completed by of 2,000 men and women from different areas of the country and of different ages, attractive men tend to drive black Ford pickup trucks and attractive women drive red BMW sports cars.  Read on to find out the rest of the survey results and what kind of car you need to attract the opposite sex.

Styles of  cars that attractive men drive ranked by women:

  • Pickup trucks: 32%
  • Sports cars: 27%
  • SUVs: 16%
  • Sedans: 11%
  • Hybrid or electric: 9%
  • UPS truck: 4%
  • Minivans: 2%
  • Mail truck: 1%

The top brands of car for attractive men, as ranked by women, were:

  • Ford (16%)
  • Chevrolet (13%)
  • Porsche (11%).

Women think good looking men drive cars that are:

  • black (53%)
  • silver (16%)
  • red (13%).

Car types for attractive women ranked by men:

  • Sports cars: 39%
  • Sedans: 22%
  • SUVs: 20%
  • Pickup trucks: 10%
  • Hybrid or electric vehicle: 6%
  • Minivans: 4%

Men beleive the most desirable women drive:

  • BMWs (16%)
  • Mercedes-Benzes (14%)
  • Porsches (10%).

The top car colors for attractive women were:

  • red (40%)
  • black (23%)
  • silver (14%).
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What kind of cars are sexy
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