‘Venger’ Film Trailer Featuring Mercedes-Benz Vehicles Makes Its Debut

For your Monday morning entertainment, we have a trailer for the upcoming film ‘Venger’ featuring Mercedes-Benz

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For your Monday morning entertainment, we have a trailer for the upcoming film ‘Venger’. The film is the first episode in a 3-part series and follows a race-car driver on a mission for revenge following the death of his fiance. It features four current Mercedes-Benz models with the sequel to include all the AMG models, including the SLS.

Below you will find more information on the film or you can skip straight to watching the suspensful trailer.

The filmmakers factor, FG Entertainment, The lab Sydney and Red Apple are proud to present:

‘VENGER: Episode One’

A short film sponsored by G-Brothers Mercedes-Benz and Petronas International.


Following the murder of his fiancé, racecar driver Anthony McCullough becomes hellbent on revenge. Set loose by a ruthless detective, McCullough begins to follow a trail of clues. As he gets closer to finding the men responsible, he is drawn into a web of secrecy and betrayal that threatens to destroy his entire family.


Venger was created as a branded content film for the G-Brothers Mercedes-Benz dealership and Petronas Lubricants International by executive producers Marc Windon & Jesse Press of The Filmmakers Factory and writer/director Marc Furmie of FG Entertainment. The project was designed to merge strong storytelling and brand awareness with a concept that resonates with online audiences – eventually becoming the first episode in a web series. The screenplay was written by Marc Furmie, Shiyan Zheng and Vincent Andriano and follows a racecar driver’s mission for revenge following the death of his fiancé. Influenced by the classic action-revenge thrillers of the 70’s such as Bullitt, Death Wish and Dirty Harry, Venger showcases several current model Mercedes-Benz in an edgy and stylish framework.

The film was made possible by A-list crew, suppliers and facilities ranging from FG Entertainment, Tiger Tale Productions, Red Apple Camera Rentals, Cinoptix, The Lab Sydney, RedDot Sound Design, Steve Morris stunts and many, many more.

The story spans across three 15-minute movies.

Episode 1 is directed by Marc Furmie (Dark Horse, Death’s Requiem) and written by Shiyan Zheng, Marc Furmie and Vincent Andriano.

It was produced by Simon Ritch, Matt Inglis and Hadi Tieu-Vinh.

It stars Christian Clark (Gabriel, Crush), Henry Wells Nixon (The Pacific, Noise), Dan Mor (Underbelly, Cedar Boys), Jai Koutrae (Broken Sun), Bren Foster (Cedar Boys), James Caitlin and Amanda McConnell.

For more information, visti Venger Films.


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