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What Your Driving Music Says About You

Classical music, Chart Toppers, Classic Rock, Country or R&B, find out what your music taste says about you

by  Jim Davis  | 


Last week we discussed with you our scientific study on what your car color says about you.  Following it up today, we’re taking a look at what the most popular music genres are among our readers  as well as what your music style says about you.  Why?  Because, along with all the other highly regarded attributes of a Mercedes-Benz cars, they also have a great sound system and it left us wondering what you’re using those speakers for.

As a reminder, we polled a group of our readers and asked them a multitude of hypothetical questions with multiple choice answers (sorry, no write-ins were allowed so funk music won’t be on the list of music genres), respondents were only allowed to choose one answer.  Our findings are below.

The majority of our Mercedes-Benz driving readers said their top choice of music to listen to in the car was classic rock.  Perhaps the broadest category on our list of choices, we defined classic rock as rock music from the 60’s-80’s.  I’m an 80’s fan myself which apparently means I’m self-confident and hard working but slightly introverted – well, that sounds about right but I wouldn’t say introverted, I would say to busy working to have endless conversations over the latest weather report.

Following up in second was country music, America’s favorite music genre.  So for you country music fans, while some non-country fans may think your music choice means you’re depressed, have multiple dogs for companions and only drive pick-up trucks, you’re in luck as it means quite the opposite.  You’re likely a very hard working, focused and driven by your emotions, you’re also far more outgoing that us classic rock listeners.

Pop / Top 40 / Hip Hop tunes were the third choice among readers and also ranked highest among our younger audience.  For you chart topping lovers, you have an exceptionally high self-esteem, and why not, you were raised to believe you could accomplish and be anything.  You’re outgoing and always in search of the next best thing but this also means that you’re often to busy to be like your hard-working country counterparts and creativity is not your strong suit.  Remember, don’t shoot the messenger.

For you classical music fans, our fourth most popular genre among our readers, you, surprisingly, share a log in common with our classic rock readers.  You have a high self-esteem, creative and have a laid back and relaxed personality but are also a bit on the introverted side.  For you, we’d recommend turning down your Tchaikovsky CD and talking to your passengers.

Coming in last was R&B, likely coming in last with only a few votes because, let’s be honest, who really knows what constitutes Rhythm and Blues.  Seriously, try and name your favorite Rhythm and Blues band.  While my opinion of you would be that you just want to stand out from the crowd and be different from everyone else by choosing a genre nobody really knows anything about, apparently it means that you’re creative, outgoing and make friends easily.


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