The Choice of One’s Car: LIke a Kid on Christmas

There’s no such thing as a wrong choice when buying a Mercedes-Benz

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Let’s face it. As consumers, we’re presented with an overwhelming number of choices on a daily basis for every basic human need. Which toothpaste? Which cereal? Brown shoes or black? BBQ or Mexican for lunch? Most of these choices present little consequence in the grand scheme of things, posing very little risk and only a fleeting reward. However, some of the choices we as consumers face stand to greatly impact our lives. Such is the choice of one’s car.

Now, allow us to be a little presumptuous in assuming that if you’re reading this, you’re probably already a Mercedes-Benz loyalist. If not, welcome! Please continue reading so we can change that. For those of you who already own a Mercedes-Benz and are looking to upgrade, or those who are prospective first-time owners, allow me to present you with some exciting new choices.

I’ll start by saying what an exciting year it is to be a Mercedes-Benz dealer. With the launch of so many innovative new models, new motors and several major facelifts on the horizon, Mercedes-Benz is poised for a year to top all years.

Starting the roll out in style was the unveiling of the all-new 2014 S550 Sedan As if the world wasn’t already aware, with this beauty, Mercedes-Benz just solidified its place as the most respected automaker in the world. Unequivocally, the new S550 is the most impressive luxury sedan on the market.

But why stop there? The best of the best know never to rest on their laurels. So to one-up itself, Mercedes-Benz also introduced the sleek, stunning S550 Coupe By now, we can take for granted the beauty and elegance of any Mercedes-Benz, but this little powerhouse is also dripping with safety features that are bound to make Consumer Reports shake their heads. It’s no surprise the S550 Coupe has the Mercedes-Benz dealer body on the edge of their seats for its arrival, which is slated for later this year. It also has every car enthusiast licking their chops to put their hands on that steering wheel!

But the excitement doesn’t end at the Coupe. Other new models include the GLA-Class, sure to be a hit with the millennial generation, the CLS400 and the CLS550, while models such as the E-Class and SL-Class are getting entirely new motors and the C300 sedan, a complete redesign! Read back on some of my previous rantings here.

Feels kind of like being a kid on Christmas, doesn’t it? Too many toys to concentrate on one! But I’ll let you in on a secret. None of these are the wrong choice. There’s no such thing with a Mercedes-Benz. However, I want to be sure you’re getting the right car for you. Don’t be shy, stop by the dealership to learn more about any and all of the new Mercedes-Benz models. With designs this innovative, technology this impressive and motors this fuel efficient, you can bet our team at the store is excited to dazzle you with all the specifics.

So go ahead, I challenge you to find the Mercedes-Benz of your dream.

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