Mercedes-Benz Once Again Wins Award for Most Satisfied Customers

Confirmed by J.D. Power, Mercedes-Benz enjoys a higher level of customer satisfaction than any other automobile brand

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Mercedes-Benz enjoys a higher level of customer satisfaction than any other automobile brand. This is confirmed by a large-scale survey conducted by the world-renowned J.D. Power and Associates Index on the satisfaction of car buyers. Mercedes-Benz took first place among all car brands in this study. The Mercedes-Benz C-Class and the CLK also headed their respective categories. This means that Mercedes-Benz drivers are the most satisfied motorists in Germany.

J.D. Power examines the satisfaction of car owners at regular intervals on the assumption that customers know best. This is the second year the study has been carried out online, and included 16,330 drivers in Germany to ascertain their experience with their cars for the J.D. Power 2010 Vehicle Ownership Satisfaction StudySM. To qualify for the survey, respondents had to have been driving their current model for around two years, covering approx 34,000 kilometres. The cumulative driving experience thus totalled over 500 million kilometres. Assessment criteria were quality, reliability, attractiveness, service and maintenance costs, in order to obtain a reliable overview of the individual cars’ strengths and weaknesses.

The J.D. Power Vehicle Ownership Satisfaction Study (VOSSSM), which is a recognised source of reference for people planning to buy a car, covered more than 100 models, divided into nine categories. Mercedes-Benz took first place among all brands. The C-Class and the CLK topped their respective segments.

Dr. Joachim Schmidt, Executive Vice President Mercedes-Benz Cars Sales and Marketing: “We want to please our customers with our products, but naturallyalso with our customer care and service.It is pleasing to see that we have shown improvement in all areas and in different markets. It is no coincidence that inspiring customer care and quality which can be experienced in all areas are key elements of the Mercedes-Benz brand positioning – and this result confirms our work”.

The latest forecasts from independent market researchers on the topic of resale value round off the positive picture for premium automobile brand Mercedes-Benz, with four models indicating the lowest losses of value in their respective segments. The E-, C-, S- and R-Class thus emerge as the top-value investments in 2010. Mercedes-Benz vehicles are revealed as the most reliable options offering the best value retention overall – an important economic advantage.

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