Mercedes-Benz B-Class Celebrates Over One Million in Sales

The B-Class Electric Drive will come to the US in 2014, increasing Mercedes sales in the electric vehicle segment

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Mercedes-Benz isn’t just celebrating the new year this week, they are also celebrating sales of their B-Class.  Since it’s launch in 2005, the B-Class has sold over one million units. The sports tourer has done especially well in the German market and is the market leader in the compact MPV sector. Around 30 percent of B-Class customers previously drove a different brand of vehicle. Germany is the biggest market for theB-Class, followed by China.  But, with the B-Class Electric Drive making it’s debut in the US in 2014, sales will continue to grow in here as well.

“The B-Class is the perfect combination of sporty design, impressive driving dynamics and incomparable driving comfort,” says Ola Källenius, Member of the Divisional Board Mercedes-Benz Cars responsible for Marketing & Sales. “That’s what makes it so popular with our customers. What has been particularly noticeable with the current model is that we are reaching the most diverse customer groups, from families with children to active seniors.”

The B-Class is also very popular with fleet customers. In 2013 it was again voted Corporate Car of the Year. The most popular engines worldwide for the B-Class are currently the B 180 petrol and diesel engines, which each account for around 30 percent. Half of all the B-Class vehicles sold are fitted with a navigation and infotainment system. Also particularly popular are the Night Package and the bi-xenon headlamps.

Mercedes-Benz introduced the B-Class in 2005. Following on from the A-Class, the spacious sports tourer was Mercedes-Benz’s second compact model. The B-Class is produced at the plants Rastatt in Germany and Kecskemét in Hungary. Rastatt is the centre of excellence for compact car production within the global Mercedes-Benz production network.

In 2011, the second generation of the B-Class came onto the market. This was the first model from Mercedes-Benz’s new compact car generation. And the B-Class ushered in a further revolution in safety technology: for the first time in the compact class, the COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST system was fitted as standard. This radar-assisted collision warning system with adaptive brake assist warns the driver when he is too close to the vehicle in front and, if necessary, applies full braking power. The B-Class also stands out as the only vehicle in its class to come with optional all-wheel drive.

2014 sees the launch of two new alternative drive technologies for the B-Class. Available in Europe from February, the B 200 Natural Gas Drive is powered by natural gas and is especially efficient and cost-effective to run.

The B-Class Electric Drive, debuting in the US in the second quarter of 2014 and in Europe at the end of 2014 is Mercedes’ contribution to the electric vehicle market.  It has an electric power range of 200 kilometres, a generous interior and five seats, it provides noticeably powerful acceleration, glides along almost noiselessly and is highly suitable for everyday use. The B-Class Electric Drive effortlessly combines dynamism and driving pleasure with a high degree of practicality and zero local emissions.

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Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive
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