Mercedes-Benz SL PD Widebody Styling Kit by Prior-Design

German tuner Prior-Design recently released their PD Widebody Styling Kit for the Mercedes-Benz SL-Class (R230)

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German tuner Prior-Design recently released their PD Widebody Styling Kit for the Mercedes-Benz SL-Class (R230).  The inspiration behind their latest creation was the superlative Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series, with main changes serving to add a widened, more aggressive stance to the model.

As described by Prior-Design, the new widebody kit includes new overwhelming fenders, futuristic facelift headlights, front spoiler with large air inlets, and a perfectly round rear bumper with integrated diffuser to top it off. The PD Widebody kit is available either inslight carbon or full carbon.

Complimenting Pior-Design’s SL styling kit, a wide wheel and tire combination is available as a complete set in the following sizes: PD1 wheels (three-piece stainless steel outer bed, black finish) in 10×20 inch with 265/30R20 (front axle) and 12×20 inch with 305/25R20 (rear axle).

And if that wasn’t enough, the German tuner made it possible to lower the car either mechanically or electronically (with integrated Airmatic).  You can see more of the Mercedes-Benz SL PD Widebody Styling Kit by Prior-Design as well as view its complete press release immediately below.  Thanks to Topspeed for the photos.

Mercedes SL 2009 PD-Widebody Styling-Kit

Germany, May 10, 2010

SL maximum - the PD-SERIES

Right in time for the industry trade fair Tuning World Bodensee, PRIOR design presented their latest creation - the PD-SERIES based on the Mercedes-Benz SL R230.

The self-set target of the Kamp-Lintfort company was making the "large" Mercedes-Benz roadster even more perfect. The PD-SERIES inspiration very clearly was the super sports car Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series. The result will excite every car enthusiast: Flowing lines, expressive curves, massive air inlets and muscular sides summarize the perfect PD-SERIES view.

Let us look at it in detail, starting with the front. This is where the superior width of the PD-SERIES hardly makes it possible for the viewer to avert his eyes from the overwhelming fenders. Still getting over the endorphin-filled moment surprise, the eye takes I the harmonious line flowing from the fender to the front area. Only few centimetres below the futuristic Facelift headlights, there is a front spoiler with large, greedy air inlets. The cowl with its many air inlets reaches up to the windshield supplying even high-performance motors with sufficient air.

The side area with its wide wheels is reminiscent of a muscular monster waiting to jump its prey. The side dills harmoniously connect the masculine sides to make the car look as if made from a single cast.

Going father around the vehicle, we can then see the rear, dominant due to the imposing wheel arches that make the SL seem impossibly wide. The large track of the PD-SERIES is connected by a perfectly rounded rear bumper from one wheel arch to the other, which in turn is equipped with a diffuser based on racing technology. It is available either as sight carbon or full carbon.

A specially developed wheel/tyre combination is available as a complete set in the following sizes:
Wheel rim PD1 (three-piece stainless steel outer bed, black finish), front axle 10x20 inch with 265/30R20, rear axle 12x20 inch with 305/25R20

Finally, Prior-Design makes it possible to lower the car mechanically as well as electronically (with integrated Airmatic). Using the above wheel/tyre combination, Prior-Design also recommends optimising the suspension tuning.

For further information, price and delivery information, contact:

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Mercedes SL 2009 PD-Widebody Styling-Kit
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