Mercedes ML63 AMG Rezonance by RevoZport

RevoZport unveiled their power kit for the Mercedes ML63 AMG which now outputs 600 hp

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When it comes to high powered SUV’s, the Mercedes ML63 AMG is best in class. Add to the already powerful ML63 AMG a power kit from Chai Wan-based tuning specialist, RevoZport and you have a sport utility vehicle that will take you nearly anywhere in record time.

The standard 2012 Mercedes ML63 AMG is powered by a 5.5-liter biturbo V8 engine that outputs 518 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque. RevoZport updated the ML63 AMG with a carbon fiber intake system, a modified engine management mapping and a complete titanium exhaust system, in order to add an extra 82 hp for a total output on the RevoZport ML63 AMG at 600 hp. The tuner did not disclose the torque output of their ML63, sprint time or top speed, meaning they either forgot to include or did not have significant enough gains to warrant a discussion.

The RevoZport 2012 ML63 AMG comes with a carbon fibre front splitter, a carbon fibre rear diffuser, and roof spoiler. The front splitter is 30mm wider than the factory one, creating extra downforce on the SUV’s front axle. The RevoZport Mercedes ML63 AMG is additionally fitted with carbon fibre covers on the side mirror, and an updated front grille. The SUV is set atop 22-inch forged wheels and 13J x 335 tires.

Press Release

The new W166 ML63 may consider being the fastest and best looking ML ever since the ML is launched, the new turbo v8 with 525hp engine is however not enough in Revozport’s mind, perhaps 600hp is more like it.

By putting in a new carbon induction system, engine management mapping and a complete titanium exhaust, it takes this mean SUV to a complete new level of fast. Now with 600hp on hand and the roaring sound from the 6kg titanium exhaust, Revozport have designed a complete new set of aerokit for all the ML63 owners.

Revozport call it the Rezonance ML, which comprises of a new double deck carbon fibre front splitter, 30mm wider carbon over fender kit which allow this 600hp beast to put on their bespoke 22″ forged alloy 13J x 335 tires all round. The rear shows a complete 3 element diffuser in carbon fibre, a trunk roof spoiler and although retaining the AMG exhaa

The Rezonance ML63 complete aerokit is also available to the W166 ML owners by special request as a bespoke program.

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