Mercedes GLA 45 AMG Review

If you’re looking for an everyday car that offers something special in the way of performance, the Mercedes GLA45 AMG is perfect

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Autocar’s Greg Kable recently had a chance to drive the all-new Mercedes GLA45 AMG.  This is what he had to say about the premium SUV.

The Mercedes-Benz GLA45 AMG, a storming four-wheel-drive hatchback-cum-SUV that completely blurs the lines in a junior premium-brand performance-car market. The GLA45 AMG has been conceived to appeal to a small group of buyers seeking genuine performance but without the compromises that traditionally come with it.

Mercedes GLA 45 AMG

Mercedes GLA 45 AMG

What is it like?

Step inside the GLA45 AMG and you discover a suitably high quality interior. The driving position is set a little higher than in AMG’s other four-cylinder models, but with a ride height that is 25mm lower than standard GLA models you never feel you are perched up at true SUV height.

The engine delivers loads of low-to-mid-range flexibility in either of its three driving modes, with strong pull and excellent tractability from little more than 1500rpm. This makes the GLA45 AMG every bit as suited to the urban crawl as the open road.

The most impressive facet of the transversely mounted four-cylinder is felt from 4500rpm onwards, where it hardens in character and delivers truly explosive qualities on a heavily pegged throttle.

With a 0-62mph time of just 4.8sec, the GLA45 AMG is a considerable 0.7sec faster than the RS Q3. AMG’s latest model is also among a handful of four-cylinder-powered cars to boast a genuinely limited 155mph top speed.

But while its straight line performance is outstanding, it isn’t the most impressive factor about the GLA45 AMG. What grabbed our attention first time out was the added comfort AMG’s chassis engineers have managed to incorporate into its ride without adversely affecting its handling.

This is a very secure car. The chassis provides sufficient communication to allow you to carry high speeds into corners without any great trepidation or fear of the tail coming unstuck should you suddenly be required to lift off. It also delivers great drive on the exit as the four-wheel drive system loads up the rear axle to make best use of the traction on offer.

Mercedes GLA 45 AMG

Mercedes GLA 45 AMG

Should I buy one?

If you are looking for a car for everyday use offering something special in the way of performance, you could do a lot worse than the GLA45 AMG. It offers a mesmerising combination of performance, handling and ride comfort. Mercedes-Benz likes to describe its latest offering as an SUV, however, it is more a high-riding hatchback with added styling elements to toughen up its appearance. As such, it lacks the space and overall versatility of true SUV rivals such as the Range Rover Evoque.

For a more in-depth review, head over to Greg’s post here.


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Mercedes GLA 45 AMG
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