Mercedes G63 and G65 AMG Tuned by A.R.T.

The enormous performance increase up to 749hp for the G65, 681hp for the G63, and unprecedented 1000Nm (limited)

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German tuner, A.R.T. unveiled their brand new wide body kit for G 63 and G65 today, the A.R.T. G streetline 65. The development team from Nürnberg again succeeded to combine the distinctive A.R.T. design with the highest technical demands. Mercedes-Benz and especially AMG clients justifiably expect highest potential for improvement from modifications by A.R.T. tuning. The result with its impressive design and its technically innovative solutions truly exceeds all expectations, while the AMG undoubtedly still maintains its original character.

These technical specifics emotionally infect at once:

  • The enormous performance increase up to 749hp for the G65, 681hp for the G63, and unprecedented 1000Nm (limited), by reprogramming the ECU, installing high flow catalytic converters and additional cooling systems for engine, fuel circuit and transmission
  • The awe-inspiring A.R.T. G streetline 65 wide body kit, consisting of an breathtaking front bumper with integrated front spoiler, a smooth pair of running board covers with LED underfloor illumination, a set of grand fender flarings with LED running board illumination and an eye-catching rear bumper with double retroreflector units
  • The innovative LED triple beam lamp set, with two additional LED high beams and one LED daytime running light per side
  • The extra air intakes in the front bumper, channeling the air flow for improving the cooling of the brake system on the front axle
  • The spectacular A.R.T. aero engine hood in bicolor design, with no less than 19 air intakes for improving the thermic conduction
  • The extraordinary A.R.T. Premium High Bi-XENON headlamp system with integrated LED daytime running light
  • The imposing A.R.T. roof spoiler with LED wideboard brake light and blend in stainless steel
  • The towering monoART1 wheels in size 22×10, coated matching to the striking color concept, with tires in size 295/35 R22
  • The awesome A.R.T. sport exhaust system in stainless steel, culminating in three end pipes per side

The infinite range of possibilities to upgrade the interior. Handmade dreams in leather and Alcantara, crowned by carbon and noble woods. A.R.T. leaves nothing to desire.

With the new G streetline 65 wide body kit, the pros from Germany systematically expanded their incredibly considerable program for G class and confirmed the outstanding position of A.R.T. tuning at the international Mercedes-Benz premium SUV tuning market. The delivery of the G streetline 65 will start in January 2013.

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A.R.T. G streetline 65
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