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Mercedes-AMG G 63 In Every Color

ans of the Mercedes-AMG G 63 own up to five extravagant body colours in option “color package”

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Fans of the Mercedes-AMG G 63 own up to five extravagant body colours in option “colour package”. These “crazy colour” are now available for the collectors showcase and model car fans alike. Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH offers the Ikon of SUVs in 1:18 in the five eye catching special body colours: AMG solarbeam, sunsetbeam, aliengreen, tomatored, and galacticbeam.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Mercedes-Benz G-Class

The name says it all: “Crazy Colours” is a special colour option package for the G-Class. Those who want to make their G63 individual with an eye-catching effect can choose between five exclusive exterior body-paints. These “crazy colours” also have individual characteristics. For example, the sunsetbeam remains one of a beautiful sunset, while the galacticbeam, depending on incidence of light, shows shades of blue. Attachments parts, such as mirrors, front and rear bumpers, wheel arch extensions, the ring of the spare wheel cover and the roof, however, are painted obsidian black.

Mercedes-Benz GmbH implements these fresh cool crazy colours in a 1:18 sized model car: in a limited model series of the Mercedes-AMG G 63, AMG solarbeam, sunsetbeam, aliengreen, tomatored, and galacticbeam are all available. There will be exactly 463 units pro “crazy colour”, matching the internal code W463. “1 of 463“ will be indicated on the underbody of each one of these special edition models.

Made from resin, these exclusive miniatures were created in collaboration with model car specialists GT Spirit. Mercedes-AMG provided original design data for the development of the models. The level of detail is high. For example, the selection lever is not printed but displayed in three dimensions. Even the seats are accurately modelled according to the original vehicle – the distance between the honeycomb stitching is to scale. The five limited Mercedes-AMG G 63 models possess numerous options and consist of up to 100 parts.

These exclusive model car versions of the G 63 in “crazy clours” are available at Mercedes-Benz sales partners.

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