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BRABUS in Ibiza

The imposing fleet of cars Brabus is showing off in the mediterranian include the 700 horsepower G63 6×6 and more

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Brabus may be on location in Ibiza as a sponsor of the Mediterranean World Championship of Powerboats and Aquabikes, but it seems they may have stolen the show with their land loving convoy of powerful rides.

The imposing fleet of cars Brabus is showing off in the mediterranian include the 700 horsepower G63 6×6 in black with plenty of space for the leggy Ibiza bobmshells, the 800 horsepower G63 4×4, the 700 ML and 700 GL models, the 850 hp Mercedes SL63 and the smart-Brabus.

Click through the gallery for a look at the cars and the ladies and then book your ticket for next year’s event.

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