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Top Five Car Colors and What They Say About You

Ever wonder what your choice in car color says about you, maybe less than you think

by  Jim Davis  | 


Last week we polled a group of our readers and asked them a few hypothetical questions about buying a brand new Mercedes-Benz.  One of those questions was – if you could custom order a new Mercedes-Benz S-Class, what color would you choose?  Color options included, black, silver, red, blue, white, green, and tan.  This left us wondering, what does this say about our readers?

The majority of respondents said black, and I have to say, I’m not surprised, the new S-Class looks great in black. According to multiple sources around the web, it means that the majority of our readers are power hungry and/or exceptionally confident.  They’re also classic and elegant.

The second most popular choice was white, my personal favorite. If you’re a fan of white cars, you likely look for perfection in yourself and those around you,  you want a pristine looking vehicle and likely live a very clean life.  If you’re looking for that new car look everyday however, white is a strange choice being that they look the dirtiest in between washes.

Running close behind white in third was Silver, a color that says you’re a calm individual, not looking to stand out in a crowd.  There are several versions of silver however so I’m sure this one could be debated, black is black, white is white but silver could be light, dark, metallic, etc.  Silver may need more research.

In at fourth is the S-Class in blue.  We didn’t specify whether this meant light or dark blue but we’re guessing most S-Class drivers would prefer a nice midnight blue over a bright sky blue.  Drive a blue car and you’re a calm individual, well balanced and not power hungry like those driving black cars.  You may even be a little on the quiet side.

Coming in at a distant fifth was red, which I should point out the S-Class does not even come in.  We’re sure red would have been higher on the list had we used a Mercedes SL in the example.  If you drive a red car, you are not afraid to be seen, you enjoy the attention and don’t mind getting an extra speeding ticket or two to get it.

Tied for last was green and tan.  If you’ve ever seen Meet the Fockers, you likely remember Robert De Niro pointing out that geniuses pick green cars.  But that was the first and last time I’ve ever heard that saying about a green car, so take it as you will.  It does however hint to the fact that you are confident and not worried about what others think.  For those of you that picked tan, and there weren’t many of you, I’m sad to say that it likely means you’re boring not adventurous.

In the end, let’s face one fact, the new S-Class in any color says one thing about you – you have great taste.

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2014 Mercedes-Benz White S-Class
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