Sony Playstation 4 Driveclub Features CLA45 and A45 AMG

Driveclub is a new racing franchise developed exclusively for the PS4 that features several sports cars from Mercedes-Benz

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Yesterday, video game aficionados the world over reveled in the news that Sony is going to be releasing their new Playstation 4.  And while you may think this has nothing to do with Mercedes, you’d be wrong, as Sony announced they’re also launching Driveclub – a brand new racing franchise developed exclusively for the PS4 that features several sports cars from Mercedes-Benz, including the new CLA45 AMG and the new A45 AMG.  Both these high-performance vehicles will be celebrating their real-world premiere in March 2013, while Driveclub and the new Playstation 4 console will be launching this holiday season.

While you’re waiting, here’s some more info on the new Sony Playstation 4 and the CLA45 AMG and A45 AMG models:

Playstation 4 is SCEI’s next generation computer entertainment system that redefines rich and immersive gameplay with powerful graphics and speed, intelligent personalisation, deeply integrated social capabilities, and innovative second-screen features. Driveclub is the perfect fit for the lifestyle of the next generation of PlayStation gamers: an exhilarating, visceral and highly socially connected racing experience that showcases the immense capabilities of Playstation 4. Driveclub is a networked game to be played in real clubs, encouraging players to team up and to collaborate and compete with one another while experiencing the thrill of driving the best cars in the world, on the best roads in the world. The audiovisual quality of the cars and the tracks is staggering, and the view from the cockpit is absolutely true to life, immersing the player in every race and recreating the power and the drama that they would feel if they were actually sitting in the driver’s seat.

As well as the CLA 45 AMG and the A 45 AMG, further vehicles with the three-pointed star will join Driveclub.

Firing up the world’s most powerful four-cylinder production engine

In March the A 45 AMG will be presented at the Geneva auto show. With this new family member Mercedes-AMG will for the first time be offering a high-performance vehicle in the compact class segment. The AMG-Version of the new four-door Coupé, the CLA, is celebrating its world premiere in New York. With a peak output of 265 kW (360 hp) and a maximum torque of 450 newton metres, their turbocharged AMG 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine is the world’s most powerful four-cylinder power unit in series production. The power density of 133 kW (181 hp) surpasses even that of the most powerful super sports cars. At the same time they excel with outstanding efficiency, while also meeting the EU6 emissions standard. The A 45 AMG and the CLA 45 AMG are equipped as standard with the fully variable, performance-oriented AMG 4MATIC all-wheel-drive system.

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