Mercedes-Benz USA’s Sales Drop 25 Percent in March 2009

The volume leaders for the month were the C, E, and GLK-Class with sales of 5,008, 1,978, and 2,598 units, respectively

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Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA) has reported March sales of 15,602 vehicles, a decline of 25 percent. The volume leaders for the month were the C, E, and GLK-Class with sales of 5,008, 1,978, and 2,598 units, respectively. On a year-to-date basis, the company has sold 40,234 new vehicles, a decrease of 30.2 percent over the comparable period last year.

Separately, through the Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-Owned (MBCPO) program, MBUSA sold 6,614 vehicles in March; a 29.4 percent increase compared to March 2008 sales of 5,110 vehicles. Year-to-date sales for the MBCPO program are 19,162, a 44.6 percent increase over 2008 year-to-date sales (13,252 vehicles) during the same timeframe.

As for how Mercedes-Benz USA’s competitors fared for the month, here’s a quick rundown:


March 2009: 17,520 units (-24.2%)

YTD 2009: 42,731 units (-26.8%)

2) Audi USA

March 2009: 6,433 units (-19.4%)

YTD 2009: 15,808 units (-23.1%)

3) Lexus USA

March 2009: 14,239 units (-40.6%)

YTD 2009: 42,069 units (-35.9%)

Look at the bright side MBUSA: thanks to seemingly endless amount of advertising you’ve been running through the first quarter of this year, you’ve managed to note only the third worst sales declines in the luxury market segment. Hooray for that.


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