Kate Upton Mercedes Super Bowl Ad (Maybe)

Could this be the Kate Upton Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl Commerical

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We recently told you Mercedes had enlisted Kate Upton, possibly the sexiest girl of the century (see Kate Upton photo gallery here), to help promote the new CLA-Class in an upcoming Super Bowl commercial.  Today, a video has emerged highlighting Kate with the CLA-Class – a video that could Kate Upton’s Super Bowl commercial, but I’m guessing probably isn’t.  Instead, it looks like more of a teaser video for Kate Upton teaming up with the Mercedes CLA, with the real tv spot coming later, because quite frankly, the video is less than exciting.

In the shoot (which is entitled Kate Upton washes the all-new Mercedes-Benz CLA in slow motion), Kate does not in fact wash the CLA.  Instead, she watches some high school guys wash it, while she models some vaguely sexy poses (although she does have bubbles on her hand).  It’s sort of like a GoDaddy / Danica Patrick ad, except it lacks all the sexiness.  Instead, it’s sort of like an exercise in corporate censorship.

Check the video out below and judge for yourself.

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