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Mercedes-Benz Expands Integrated Marketing Campaign For The New GLK-Class
Posted September 29, 2008 At 11:45 AM CST by T. Philips

With the launch of the new GLK-Class less than a month away, Mercedes-Benz has announced they'll be expanding their integrated marketing campaign for the new compact SUV.  Under the slogan "Mercedes,180° from expected. The GLK.", a new series of television commercials and print advertisements will be launched to coincide with the current advertising channels, which over the past several months have included a webspecial, product placements and appearances at special events.

According to Dr. Olaf Göttgens, Vice President Brand Communications Mercedes-Benz Cars:  "Our print campaign and the TV spot focus on the typical characteristics of the GLK — the striking form and surprisingly different design.  With the GLK we are providing a new opportunity for customers to enter the SUV world of our brand. And for the launch of this vehicle we have used every communication channel in order to come into direct dialogue with our customers and, in particular, young target groups."

Airing first will be a TV commercial entitled "It Can't Be.", which we have included above for your viewing pleasure. Legendary Hollywood stars James Dean and Marilyn Monroe are utilized in the ad, with the pair expressing a unique reaction when witnessing the new Mercedes SUV.  In addition, a series of extraordinary print ads utlizing the lighting painting techniques of Warren du Preez & Nick Thornton Jones will soon debut as well, with the goal being to express the model in a completely new manner.

If you'd like to witness the first of the "Mercedes,180° from expected. The GLK." television ads, as already noted, you can do so above.  In addition, you can check out a wealth of great content pertaining to Mercedes' new compact SUV at the official webspecial:

Enjoy ladies and gentlemen.

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