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New CLS 55 AMG IWC Ingenieur
Posted September 6, 2005 at 4:45 PM CST

New CLS 55 AMG IWC Ingenieur Side

I have to admit, when I saw this car, I absolutely fell in love.  And I'm not talking the "I want to be your friend" kind of love, I'm talking the "I want to marry you and make babies with you" kind of love.

The car is a collaboration between Mercedes and the International Watch Company.  Basically they took a standard CLS 55 and designed various elements of it to match the IWC Ingenieur watch.  The result?  The newest object of my affection.

The limited CLS 55 features Mercedes' 5.5-Liter V8 and sports a dark titanium paint job.  Various decorative elements of the car, including window bezels, handle inserts and rear trim were painted to match.  As you can see from the picture, it also is equipped with Mercedes' 19 inch AMG five-spoke wheels.

As for the interior, it features several details not found in the standard CLS 55.  Most notably, a redesigned instrument cluster that features silver needles, black dials with white lighting, and a new typographical style (to match the Ingenieur watch).  The interior also features various piano-key black and chrome accents not found in a standard CLS 55.

If you want one of these beautiful creatures, it won't be easy.  Mercedes is only producing 55 - wait - make that 54 once I buy one (I can dream can't I?).  Ten of them will be released in Dubai, no word yet on where the other 45 will go.

New CLS 55 AMG IWC Ingenieur Front

New CLS 55 AMG IWC Ingenieur

New CLS 55 AMG IWC Ingenieur Instrument Cluster Rear Seats

New CLS 55 AMG IWC Ingenieur Center Console

New CLS 55 AMG IWC Ingenieur
IWC Ingenieur exclusively for Mercedes-AMG

IWC Ingenieur exclusively for Mercedes-AMG

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