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The Mercedes Guardian:  Video Of The Mercedes S600 Armored Vehicle In Action
Posted October 31st, 2006 At 7:30 AM CST

As you may remember, a little over a week ago Mercedes released details of their S600 Guard model, an armored vehicle boasting of a B6/B7 protection level and the perfect personal transportation choice for those in need of superlative vehicular safety.

While it's true reading about the S600 Guard's extensive list of safety features is enjoyable, such as the fact it's capable of withstanding up to military-grade small arms projectiles, we all know that actually seeing the S600 Guard repelling an explosion is much, much more enjoyable.

And that's where this video comes in. Almost like an infomercial for S600 Guard, the video depicts the vehicle being put through a battery of tests, including gun-fire, explosives and gassing, all of which aim to demonstrate exactly how safe you are if indeed you find yourself in one of these unsavory predicaments.

To watch the S600 Guard demonstration for yourself, hit play above, sit back and enjoy.

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