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Becker Automotive Design's Mercedes Sprinter Conversion
Posted on January 23, 2006 at 11:45 AM CST

Becker Jet Van Exterior View

Have you ever been traveling in your chauffeured Mercedes S-Class, smoking your freshly imported Cohiba Esplendidos and sipping a glass of Château Le Pin when you thought to yourself: "Although the S-Class is nice, I think I'd prefer a slightly more spacious method of transportation that features reclining leather seating, a mobile office, and wonderful ambient lighting?"

Of course you have, and that's where the good people over at Becker Automotive Design come in.  You see, they offer a conversion kit for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter that transforms a typically dull commercial vehicle into what they call the "Becker Jet Van," or a rolling Gulfstream if you will.  The option list is extensive, but a few features owners can opt for include anything from wireless high speed internet access, a fax machine, refrigerator, reclining seats, lcd screens... the list goes on and on.  One of the things most appealing to me was the fact that, assuming you're not abnormally tall (which I'm not), the Becker Jet Van even offers its occupants stand up head room inside.  Nice.

Of course, to enjoy the plush elegance of the Jet Van, you have to have the funds to back it up.  Although pricing isn't listed on Becker's website, I can assure you it ain't gonna be cheap.  Oh the price of luxury.

You can view more photos of the Becker Jet Van below (click any to enlarge), and be sure to check out Becker's website for even more pictures and a full list of available Sprinter configurations and options.

Becker Jet Van Interior Overview

Becker Jet Van Interior Overview With LCD Monitor and Keyboard

Passenger Seated In Becker Jet Van Interior

Becker Jet Van Interior Overview With L Couch

Becker Jet Van Interior Overview With Folding Tables

Photos copyright © 2006, Becker Automotive Design

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