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Mercedes AMG Launches New Ice Luge Online Game
Posted December 19, 2008 At 4:45 PM CST by C. Danielson

Mercedes AMG The Ice Luge online game

If you've ever wondered what it'd be like to pilot either a Mercedes C63 AMG or SL63 AMG down a winding luge course, then you're going to love Mercedes AMG's newest online game, aptly-titled "The Ice Luge."  In it, you choose either of the two aforementioned models, and subsequently traverse down an icy track with the goal being to note the lowest possible time (as is the case with traditional luge). Time penalties are added on if you proceed too high on the track walls, or if you fail to stop in the designated area at the end of the track.

Unfortunately, while I'd like to extol how much fun I had playing the game, my internet connection wasn't nearly able to keep up with the gameplay.  As a result, my descent down the track was choppy to the point of I couldn't discern whether or not I was even controlling the vehicle – this in tandem with a lengthy initial load time.

If your internet connection is up to speed, have at it kids – in premise it seems like a fun game. If, however, you suffer from a less-than-lightning-fast internet connection, don't be surprised if you're left wondering what the hell is going on (as I was).

To play Mercedes AMG's "The Ice Luge" game, head over to the official Mercedes AMG website.


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