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The Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH Bike Collection 2006
Posted on April 4, 2006 at 11:30 AM CST

Looking for the perfect way to spice up your dull 40 minute-a-day aerobic workout?  If you're tired of that boring old treadmill/stationary bike/elliptical machine, Mercedes-Accessories GmbH is here to help.   They've just released details of their 2006 bike collection, offering Mercedes owners (and non-owners) the perfect pedal-powered mode of transport no matter what your fitness level.

For the hardcore road bike enthusiast, the highlight of the collection will undoubtedly be the carbon fiber road bike. Weighing in at 8.3 kilograms and equipped with Shimano Dura Ace components, the carbon fiber road bike is perfect for the avid road biking enthusiasts among you. Production is limited to 199 units, with pricing set at EUR 2990.

For those that like to take things at a more leisurely pace, Mercedes Accessories is offering customers the Automatic Bike.  Fitted with a Shimano Cyber-Nexus automatic shifting unit, a sensor controlled lighting system, and an onboard computer that monitors pedal cadence, speed, and gear ratios, the Automatic Bike is a prime candidate for those who enjoy leisurely bike rides in between rounds of golf and bingo.  Pricing for the Automatic Bike is set at EUR 1690 for the basic version (no luggage racks or lighting system), while the fully loaded version weighs in at EUR 1890.

Next up are the Mercedes fitness bikes, available in either "Comfort" or "Sport" editions. Highlights of the fitness bikes include Shimano Deore components, aluminum rims and an elegantly shaped aluminum frame.  As for the difference between Comfort and Sport editions, the only variation between the two are the bikes' frame geometry.  Pricing for the fitness bikes is set at EUR 1290 for either model.

And finally, for those who don't mind getting a little dirty, Mercedes Accessories offers the mountain bike. Featuring a robust full suspension aluminum Y-frame, Shimano Deore LX components and hydraulically actuated disc brakes, you and your Mercedes mountain bike will be conquering the of trails of Kanchenjunga in no time. Pricing for the Mercedes mountain bike is set at EUR 1790.

If you're interested in purchasing any of the afore-mentioned bikes, you can get more info in the press release below. Pricing above applies only to the German market and includes VAT; no word yet on the bikes' availability in other countries.

Pictures and the full press release follow.  Enjoy.


Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH presents the Bike Collection 2006: The first carbon racing bike with an MB star

Stuttgart, Apr 04, 2006
High-tech and lightweight construction akin to that of the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren super sports car: the new Carbon Bike is the highlight of the 2006 Bike Collection from Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH. Thanks to its ultra-lightweight carbon-fibre frame, this thoroughbred weighs in at a mere 8.3 kilograms. The rest of the 2-wheeled range makes a more striking impression than ever before. Substantially lighter and with two equipment variants, the Automatic Bike swings elegantly into the 2006 model year. The elegant Fitness Bikes and the full-suspension Mountain Bike round off the range.
The new Carbon Bike is the highlight of the 2006 Bike Collection. Systematic use of lightweight construction techniques and its exclusive high-end equipment make this bike, the first racer produced by Mercedes-Benz, an attractive proposition for both ambitious amateurs and experienced professional racing cyclists. The centrepiece of this racer is an innovative monocoque frame made of carbon fibre.

The use of carbon fibre has a prestigious heritage for Mercedes-Benz, including the titans of Formula 1 and the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, the world’s first production car with a bodyshell made entirely of carbon fibre. Carbon is an exclusive material which delivers two principal benefits: extreme stability and incredibly light weight. With a frame height of 58 centimetres, this racing bike weighs just 8.3 kilograms (without pedals).

The equipment on this bike is equally impressive, featuring high-end components from Shimano, the renowned Japanese equipment supplier: the drive system, gears and brakes are all sourced from Shimano’s “Dura-Ace” series and are considered to be some of the finest racing bike components on the market today. A particular safety feature is the way the shift levers are integrated into the ergo-nomically shaped brake handles. This means that the rider is always ready to brake, even while changing gear. The Shimano Type WHR 550 wheels are shod with Michelin tyres and exhibit excellent aerodynamics. The unusually low number of spokes (16 at the front and 20 at the back) cuts undesirable turbulence down to a minimum. This reduction in wind resistance in turn enhances ride dynamics.

The design concept emphasises the proud temperament of this thoroughbred racing machine. The cork cladding on the handlebars and the slim red stripes around the tyres contrast with the dark carbon and exclusive black painted metals of the frame. Aluminium and polished steel set refined counterpoints in the materials mix. The Carbon Bike will only be produced as a limited edition of 199 units. A plate bearing the production number will be attached to the seat tube on every Carbon Bike, testifying to the strictly limited number in existence. This high-tech racing bike will command a price of € 2990.

Safe and comfortable: the Automatic Bike

The comfortable Automatic Bike goes into its second model year imbued with a more sporty design and a technical upgrade. The most important innovation is that this bike now weighs four kilograms less than last year’s model. With its Shimano eight-speed “Cyber-Nexus” automatic shift unit and a sensor-controlled lighting system, this bike is able to automatically adapt to prevailing road conditions. The on-board computer located centrally on the handlebar crosspiece keeps the driver abreast of all the latest data, such as prevailing roadspeed or selected gear ratio. The computer assimilates ride parameters such as pedalling frequency and road speed, then automatically selects the most appropriate gear ratio. The rider can also intervene in this automatic mode manually using shift toggles on the handlebars.

Another feature ensuring safety and convenience is the intelligent lighting system. Front and rear lights are switched on and off automatically by a sensor-based system and also remain on when the bike is stationary. The rear light also flashes at low speeds. The Mercedes-Benz Automatic Bike is available with frame heights of 46 and 54 centimetres and comes in two versions: the basic version without lighting and luggage rack systems, costing € 1690, and the fully-loaded version, costing € 1890.

Exciting design: the classic Mercedes-Benz Fitness Bikes

The Sport Edition and Comfort Edition of these Fitness Bikes make a style statement with their striking designs. The most eye-catching feature is the inwards curve described by the lower tubes on the aluminium frame, emphasising the elegant and sporty character of these bikes. High-quality aluminium rims combined with black spokes and rims underscore their striking dynamic poise. The bikes are equipped with Shimano Deore components, just as much at home on a daily journey into the city as they are on extended cycle tours. The two models only differ in terms of their frame geometry. They share the same price of € 1290 and the same equipment. The Sport Edition of the Fitness Bike is available in frame sizes of 48 or 56 centimetres while the Comfort Edition comes in frame sizes of either 42 or 50 centimetres.

For cycling pleasure on and off the road: the Mountain Bike

The Mercedes-Benz Mountain Bike is a robust full-suspension bike (spring fork plus pneumatic shock absorber) capable of meeting any challenge. The newly developed design of the aluminium Y-frame describes a clear line and underscores the powerful dynamic properties of this robust bike. The bike is equipped with Shimano Deore LX technology and a dual-control shift unit. The hydraulically actuated disc brakes deliver optimum deceleration under any conditions. The Mountain Bike is available in frame heights of 44, 49 or 54 centimetres. The price of this exclusive bike is € 1790.

Exclusive bike accessories and special carrier systems

For customers wishing even more by way of individual features, Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH can offer an extensive range of accessories. New additions to the range include a compact toolbag and two high-quality aluminium air pumps, one being a handy mini-pump and the other being a powerful standard model equipped with a carbon pressure gauge. Other items in the range include side-stands, luggage racks, drinking bottles, bike and fitness computers and a high-pressure pump. The made-to-measure bike carrier systems for vehicle roof, tailgate and interior suit the majority of model series of Mercedes-Benz cars and round off the comprehensive range of accessories.

All products in this Bike Collection can be obtained from Mercedes-Benz retailers. They go on sale in Germany in April 2006. All prices quoted are recommended retail prices, including VAT, and apply to the German market.

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